Shanthi Vihara’s story

In the heart of Nottingham, amidst the bustling streets and quiet lanes, beats a sanctuary of compassion. We are a Buddhist community, a haven for hearts seeking solace and minds yearning for wisdom. But our walls, like our hearts, yearn to expand. We dream of a new home, a spacious haven where the seeds of mindfulness can be sown wider, where the melody of chanting can reach farther, and where the embrace of our community can enfold more souls.

Since 2013 Nottingham’s Shanthi Vihara & Meditation Centre, a registered charity, has been serving the local & wider community, both Buddhist and non-Buddhist, with religious, spiritual well-being, educational, devotional and charitable services, with the guidance of resident monks and with grateful patronage of the devotees, well-wishers and associates. At Shanthi Vihara, we empower individuals with the knowledge, techniques and wisdom inspired by the teachings of our Supreme teacher Gautama Buddha, to have a higher state of mental health & well-being whilst guiding them to understand the true meaning of life.

It has become clear over time that the limited facilities at the current premises are inadequate for the needs of the temple, of those who visit it and of the events which should ideally be held at the temple premises.

Current Challenges & Needs of Shanthi Vihara:


Limited space for devotees and guests

As our community is growing, we need a larger hall to accommodate our devotees and guests in the facility.


Additional costs for venue Hiring

Due to space restrictions in the current facility we constantly have to look for venue hires to host our weekly, and monthly events and programmes incurring additional costs to the temple and devotees.


Parking Restrictions

The availability of parking at the current facility is not suitable enough to support our community of devotees and leads to the frustration of our neighbours.

Our Plan to address these challenges.

  1. We need to move into a larger property to overcome these challenges.
  2. We expect to part-fund this through the sale of our current property (523, Nuthall Road, Nottingham, NG8 5DG) and a fundraising campaign to find £150,000 from our devotees and supporters as the deposit for a suitable property. 

The key benefits of the proposed premises are;

  • Larger hall for hosting religious events and Dhamma Schools
  • More parking spaces for our devotees and guests
  • Minimum of 4 bedrooms for resident and visiting monks
  • Better welfare facilities for devotees and guests (kitchen, dining and WCs)


Therefore, it is for this purpose that the Vihara seeks your generous contributions, hopefully raised within a short time scale. Please give generously; as a one-off payment or a larger amount that may be paid in instalments. We aim to run this campaign over several months to facilitate this endeavour.


'Sabbadanam dhammadanam jinati'

Meaning: 'The gift of the Dhamma excels all gifts'


May the Blessings of Triple Gem be with You!

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Donation Methods:

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          Shanthi Vihara and Meditation Centre

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