Assessment Preparation

Get Ready for the SDS Exam 2024 on January 28!

Hello SDS Students!

We hope you're all doing great and gearing up for the upcoming challenges. We're excited to remind you about the SDS Exam 2024, which is just around the corner on January 28th, 2024. We have already shared some details recently. There are some individual guidance available for download. Please check the PDF files for each Level below. We have organised a quiz competition for all children as well. We highly anticipate your participation because you will get prizes if you win! View the banner below to see further details.

Important Details:

  • Date: 28th January, 2024
  • Place:  Treeton Community Hub, Pit Lane, Treeton, S60 5UY
  • Who: All SDS students (Levels 1, 2 and 3)
  • What: Comprehensive exam covering all subjects

The exam will cover a range of topics, so be sure to review all your materials and get those last-minute questions answered.

Exam Preparation and Guidance:

Covering Areas:

Proficiency in Gathas:

All children will be assessed for their proficiency in Gatha Chanting. The Buddha Vandana, Dhamma Vandana and Sangha Vandana are Mandatory for all Level 2 and Level 3 candidates. Please View the attached PDF file for preparation and guide. Please view the table below to see how you are assessed for gathas.

Classes Saranagamana Panchasila Buddha Dhamma & Sangha Vandana
Level 1 Yes Yes No
Level 2 Yes Yes Yes
Level 3 Yes Yes Yes

Vandana Gathas to be Assessed: Click Here

Apart from Verbal assessment, all candidates must face a written assessment. We will do our best to provide relevant resources for the needed children. We have prepared the guidance for each assessment including full details about the covered topics. Classes and relevant documents can be downloaded below. Each document contains related questions and model answers.

Level 1 -

Children Will need to bring some colouring pens/pencils. Assessment for Buddhism includes simple questions. Sinhala Language Assessment includes a verbal and a written assessment. View the details below.

Assessment Guide for Level 01 (Both Buddhism and Sinhala)


Level 2 -

All candidates will be assessed under Buddhism and Sinhala Language. For Buddhism, Please refer to the Buddhism assessment guide below. For Sinhala, Please refer to the revised questions and answers below.

Assessment Guide for Level 2

Sinhala Paper for Level 2


Level 3 -

All candidates will be assessed under Buddhism and Sinhala Language. For Buddhism, Please refer to the Buddhism textbook. View the "Assessment guide" for revision Questions. For Sinhala, Please refer to the revised questions and answers below.

Assessment Guide for Level 3

Sinhala Paper for Level 3



Please inform us if you are not able to attend the Assessment. Your attendance is Mandatory!

Enlightened Minds: SDS Quiz Competition on Buddhism 2024

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Quiz Competition on Buddhism, tailored exclusively for SDS students. Prepare yourselves for an exciting journey into the depths of Buddhist philosophy, history, and culture. This is not just a competition; it's an opportunity to expand your knowledge and explore the rich heritage of Buddhism. This will take place after the assessment so you can go home without empty hands!


What to Expect: The quiz will encompass a range of topics, including the life of Buddha, Buddhist sacred places and more.  It's a chance to showcase your understanding. 

Prize Giving: To add an extra layer of excitement, we're pleased to inform you that outstanding participants will be recognized and rewarded with a special Prize Giving at the end. Prizes will be awarded not just for the highest scores but also for your participation.

Get Ready for an Enlightening Experience! This quiz is not only about competition but also about fostering a deeper appreciation for Buddhist philosophy and its relevance in today's world. We encourage all SDS students to participate actively and make the most of this opportunity.


Feedbacks and Assessment Results

Exam Result Release Date: March 2024

You can expect to access your exam results in March 2024. We assure you that every effort is being made to ensure accurate and timely reporting.

Feedback on Various Skills:

In addition to the exam results, we are committed to providing comprehensive feedback to help you understand your strengths and areas for improvement. This may or may not include every SDS student. The feedback will be categorized under the following key areas but are not limited to the key points mentioned below:

  1. Interaction with Others
  2. Understanding
  3. Discipline
  4. Good Speech

This detailed feedback aims to give you valuable insights into your performance across different skills, fostering a holistic understanding of your academic and personal development.

We believe that constructive feedback is a crucial tool for improvement, and we encourage you to use this information to set personal goals and strive for continuous progress.

We appreciate your patience as we finalize the results and feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Ven Suwacha @ [email protected]

We wish you all the best for the Day!