The Dhamma School of Shanthi Vihara

The Dhamma School (Sunday school) is an organized effort to provide an opportunity for our children in their search for a ‘right-way’ of living. We understand the importance of Buddhist values in our lives. As parents, our sincere wish is for our children to find happiness in their lives and, for them to be free from suffering. To this end, Dhamma school provides a solid foundation to develop wholesome thoughts that will take them on the ‘right-way’. Shanthi vihara Dhamma School is conducted by Venerable Theldeniyaye Amitha thero. Classes are scheduled to be held on every three weeks on Sundays from 2.00pm - 5.00pm.

In the spirit of the Buddhist tradition, Dhamma School class sessions are offered free of charge to anybody who is committed to learning the Buddhist way of living. Funding for the Dhamma School is provided by contributions from those who find this effort worthwhile. Parents of Dhamma School students have made generous donations at levels they can afford. As a merit of their loving, kindness, any child may attend the class sessions without a charge. A parent serving, as the custodian, will be present at all times during the class sessions.

Our Challenge

As we are living in the 21st century, society and lifestyle are constantly changing; hence we have some big challenges to face when it comes to educating the current generation with religious and cultural knowledge. the recent advancement in medical and technical areas has led the society to produce more foods and goods which resulted in skyrocketing of the world population within the last 200 years. In such an environment, we have to recognize the most accurate and effective way to hand up the religious practices and ethical values which are more than 2500 years old.

From 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

We Start the Dhamma School with observation of 5 precepts, followed by offerings of flowers and lamps. Most effective part is the meditation session and then a small inspiring story.

16 Calender Sundays

Despite difficulties, we have now increased Dhamma School days  by conducting twice a month. The Vesak & Poson Ceremony does provides an extra opportunity to learn as well.

Sinhala Lessons

Students participate to both Sinhala medium and english medium classes. Sinhala medium class is conducted half of the Dhamma school session.

Our Objectives

First of all, our objective is to educate the younger generation on the valuable spiritual teachings and heritage of Buddhism. We help hem in cultivating faith and devotion to the Buddha-Order and developing compassion towards the whole world, which will effortlessly gear them towards self-development. One of our main objectives is training them to identify themselves as a part of nature within the whole universe. If this happens, peace and joy flowing into their life are inevitable.

Why Dhamma School?

As Buddhists, we understand the value of our life, and the goal is to make our life a wonderful experience. Many people wouldn't be able to make out the best of their life because of ignorance. If we know how to use ingredients of life properly, we can create a beautiful life of it. At Dhamma School, we give the necessary education of the spiritual dimension of life. The opportunity to practice how to "Give Up & Let Go" lies in the Dhamma School instead of learning "Take In & Let in".

Dhamma School Children's Performance

Peace comes from Within

Many try to search for peace from external sources- failing to look within themselves. Peace comes from within. Don't seek it without.

Useful Informations

How often is Dhamma School Conducted?

Right now Dhamma School is conducted every three weeks. However, our effort is to conduct twice a month from next year.

How do i get informed about the days?

You can get informed about conducting days by Dhamma School official Viber group. you will be automatically added to the group upon registration.

What is the perfect age to take my children to Dhamma School?

As soon as your children participate nursery, they can start to participate in Dhamma School.

Do you teach Sinhala Language?

Yes. we hold half of the session to teach Sinhala lessons for students.

How is the Dhamma School fees?

Fees are charged on an annual basis currently £60 per annum. we utilize it for the hiring of the hall where we hold the Dhamma school.

I need more info. whom should i contact?

You can contact Shanthi Vihara for further information.