Vesak Full Moon Day Religious Observances - 2019

Vesak Full Moon Day Religious Observances

The Vesak Sil Programme organised by the Shanthi Vihara Nottingham is scheduled to be held on 19th of May 2019. You are all kindly invited to participate in this great meritorious deed.

This is the public celebration of the three key events in the Buddha’s life that are traditionally considered to have taken place on the full moon of May: his birth, awakening to full enlightenment under the bodhi tree at the age of thirty five, and his final passing away, parinibbāna, aged eighty.

We look forward to seeing you on this festival day.


08:00 AM                 - Observance of eight precepts,Vandana and Buddha Pooja

08:30 AM                 - Heel Danaya (Breakfast)

09:00 AM                 - Meditation by Venerable Teldeniyaye Amitha Thero

10:00 AM                 - Dhamma Sermon by Rev. Nepalaye Suwachaseela Thero

11:00 AM                 - Offering of Buddha Pooja

11:20 AM                 - Dana for Monks and Upasaka/Upasikas (Mid-day meal)

12:15 PM                  - Lunch for devotees

01:15 PM                  - Dhamma Sermon by Ven. Anamaduwe Wimalajeewa Thero

02:15 PM                  - Dhamma discussion

03:15 PM                  - Tea and Break

03:45 PM                  - Bodhi Puja & Vandana                          

04:45 PM                  - Vesak Dansela

06:00 PM                       - End of Programmes.

Entirely voluntary financial or material contributions (Dana- Vegetarian dishes) to support some of these events would be gratefully accepted. Accordingly, any devotee wishing to make any such donations is invited to fill up the Online document below. Or you can contact Vihara for sponsorships.

You may participate  and donate any food or dessert which are in or not in the list. Please inform us what you would like to sponsor for the Vesak Dana by the
12th May.

You can edit the list and submit your name online. Open the document and type in the details. No need to re-send the email.

Click the link below.

Participate in Vesak Pinkama