Dhamma School Day

Dhamma School Day

The Dhamma School will be held on 10th March 2019.

Important Notice:

As we all Know, several cultural events are taking place in the coming months, the closest one being the New Year Celebrations. This is an opportunity to get united as a community and display our traditional and moral values where every child can involve and participate in different programs.

Parallel to the Sinhala and Tamil new year celebration which will take place on 5th May 2019, Shanthi Vihara Dhamma School invites all parents and pupils to participate in available programs especially all kids of the Dhamma School. Under the guidance of Ven. Amitha Thero, we and our teachers are constantly working for the immense success of this cultural event with help of every participant.

From the Dhamma School Day on 10th February 2019, we will regularly practiced our pupils and made them participate in different activities and programs. So, we hope every child would participate the Dhamma School days regularly.

Training for Students:

Time is valuable. You can show your kids a dancing video related to the upcoming programs and they will remember the sequence. The dance was last week practiced by all kids excluding the senior class. Link has been given below.

Song: Kopara Kopara Pipingnya (කොපර කොපර පිපිඤ්ඤා).

Click Below:-

Kopara Kopara Pipingya Dancing Video clip


For Senior students:

Never forget that:

  • If every pupil would participate, the event would be more vivid.
  • The union is power. So, let everyone participate and support this event.
  • Let your child’s hidden talents and skills unveil on the stage

Things you can support us by:

  1. If you have any costumes (new year costumes) that you used previously, for any previous events, you may bring it on the next day of Dhamma School.
  2. Attending to the Dhamma School in time as possible and regularly as possible.


May the Triple Gem Bless You!