Sunday Dhamma School


Sunday Dhamma School Student Registrations are now open for 2019.

Please click here to download applications.

Daham Pasala commencing dates for Year- 2019

View the Dhamma school dates here.

Daham School starts at 2:00 PM and ends at 5:00 PM.

Dhamma School Chanting Book

Every Dhamma School Students will now get a "Vandana and puja" chanting book which may be used to chant the stanzas during the Dhamma School beginning session. Parents may encourage their children to bring the chanting book regularly. You can view or download the PDF version of the Vandana and Puja book.

You are always welcome to provide your suggestions and send in your enquiries via email to [email protected]

May the Noble Triple Gem bless you all.

Shanthi Vihara Dhamma School

Dhamma School Registration - 2019

You can download the registration form and print at home.
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Vandana and Puja

Chanting Book for Dhamma School Students
833.75 KB Download