Our Charity

Shanthi Vihara and Meditation Centre, based in Nottingham, is a registered charity in England and Wales. We are a proud Buddhist society, providing religious services and aiding the development of other services, particularly in Sri Lanka, as well as within the community, irrespective of their individual religion and beliefs. A sacred place of teaching; we focus on the practice of mindfulness through meditation and host a programme monthly, designed for children, where they can develop spiritual practices and disciples by understanding cultural and traditional values.


Objectives and Plans:

We aim to deliver a better understanding of the spiritual aspect of an individual’s life, regardless of their faith or belief, by encouraging the practice of mindfulness, meditation and cultivating healthy lifestyle choices which ultimately benefit and improve the overall happiness and wellbeing of each individual. We hope to expand our services and further our endeavours through the charity, both in Sri Lanka and the UK. In partnership with ‘Athwela’ social services, we have already had the privilege of creating better outcomes for the less fortunate, such as building homes and distributing spectacles and lenses.

Furthermore, we wish to create a more sanctified and virtuous place for our visitors, to pray, listen to talks and meditate. We also wish to build a space dedicated to those affected by mental health issues, where they can come to recover, improve their mental state, and find peace. With this objective on 30th March 2019 in London and 6th April 2019 in Nottingham, we are planning to host two Musical Shows by a popular Sri Lankan singer T.M. Jayaratne to raise funds to purchase a spacious land for the Vihara.

However, we think our efforts would go even further with you as our sponsor. With your company by our side at this upcoming event, we’re sure to achieve this fundraising goal. The organising committee would be much grateful if your esteemed organisation could consider extending sponsorship.