Important Notice

Dear Visitors,

This is to inform you kindly that due to the prevailing health issue, we have decided to declare the cancellation of Vihara events including the Dhamma School until further notice.

We are hopeful that we would be able to resume the Vihara events as usual soon after everything gets back to normal.

Therefore; the following events/programmes have been cancelled for now until further notice.

  •     Monthly Sil Programmes
  •     Dhamma School in Nottingham & Sheffield
  •     Sinhala & Tamil new year celebrations

If you are intending to visit the Vihara with Dana or for any other purpose, please be kind enough to avoid coming with large groups.

May all living beings be free from all types of illnesses by the power of the Noble Triple Gem!


Main Events



New Year Blessings & Chantings

01st January 2020

Vihara Fundraising Event 01st February 2020
Sinhala and Tamil New Year Celebrations 18th April 2020
Vesak Full Moon day Celebrations 10th May 2020
Nottingham Sri Lankan Cricket & Food Festival -
Poson Full Moon Day Celebrations

07th June 2020

Annual Kathina Ceremony
18th October 2020


Vihara Events Overview