Athwela – What is it?

"Athwela" is a community project initiated by Nottingham Shanthi Vihara and Meditation Centre to provide services for the Sri Lankan and the local community. Our main objective is to assist and improve the lives of others in pivotal areas such as health, wellbeing and education, as well as bringing public attention towards devastating situations, especially in Sri Lanka through fundraising events. Shanthi Vihara is the central administrator on guiding the charity projects, and we recently witnessed the successful completion of our first project carried out by Athwela.

Community Project - 2018

Following the charities objectives, the Vihara has fulfilled the promise of building a house for a small, kind family, living in a village called Neeththa in Madawelalanda, Ampara. Although they often struggled to make ends meet in the past, their shining light of hope is embedded within their little daughter, who is extremely bright with a promising future.

About the Beneficiary:

This family has faced some turbulence in the past; the young girl’s father was left disabled following an upsetting electrical shock at his workplace. Every father dreams of providing and enriching their children’s future and education; a dream our friend is struggling with. Remarkably, the little girl’s class teacher, who could see a bright future for this little girl, established contact with the Vihara for help.

About the Charity Project:

With the support of Vihara committee, Venerable Wimalajeewa Thero led the project to construct a small house for the family and started on 5 August 2018. The members of the Vihara donated funds to start the construction work of the house, and with the enthusiastic help of the village community, the foundation of the house completed very quickly. The Vihara coordinated the development work with the class teacher, the staff at the school, and Grama Sevaka of the area.

Initially, the house was designed with 2 bedrooms and a dining/sitting hall. With some generous support from our committee member Budhika Epa and his friends in Sri Lanka: Rohan Gunathilaka and Charith Gunathilaka, the house was extended and now includes a kitchen. Every effort was taken to minimize the construction cost by using timber from the same property and using the support of village community for most of the labour oriented work.

Finally, the house was completed and handed over to the family on 6 January 2019 with the blessings of Maha Sangha participated from the village temple. Vihara Committee member Mr Priyantha Bandara participated on the handover ceremony.

The house is of adequate size however this house is more than a mansion for this little family. Vihara would like to thank every devotee who supported this project even in the simplest way. We all have helped a kind family in need with the most fundamental aspect of a person’s life; a home. Now they can focus more on their bright little girl and we wish them with every success with her future.

Home Before the Project ATHWELA



Handing over the New Home

"Athwela" 2018 - Highlights