by Dr Suranjith Warnakulasuriya
27 Monday 2018

Understandings of quantum mechanics have become a growing importance for the advancement of sciences.

Most of the scientific understanding, theories and approximations represent the apparent truth. They are not

valid in the quantum level, therefore not the ultimate truth. The scientific knowledge developed through the

centuries led human kind to industrial revolutions and technological innovations. The aim of this paper is to

provide insight into quantum mechanics using the realities that was disclosed by the Lord Buddha. Realities

cannot be denied in existence; they are unique in definition whatever the conditions and cannot be fragmented

further. Everything in the universe is a combination of these realities. Lord Buddha’s understandings

of these realities are valid even in the quantum levels. It is the ultimate truth. Some Scientists in the past have

pulled out information from Buddhist texts to develop their theories without referring to the source and the

due respect to the infinite knowledge realized by the Lord Buddha.

Abhidhamma, the in-depth teaching of Lord Buddha discloses the universal realities in detail. There are

eighty two universal realities. They are the ultimate building blocks. Everything in the universe is product of

these eighty two realities. They are the Consciousness (Chitta), 52 Mental Contaminants (Chitasikas), 28

Matters (Rupa) and the Nibbana. Other than the Nibbana all other realities are impermanent, they occur, exist,

then diminished and reoccur again. In the case of Matters this unceasing cycle continues for ever at rate

of5.911 (590 billions) cycles per second, until there is no cause for existence. For Consciousness and Mental

Contaminants, this cycle time is seventeen times faster than that of Matters. Due to this small time period of

impermanence, it is difficult to investigate the qualities of these building blocks with scientific experimentation.

Lord Buddha has realized this knowledge by attaining the enlightenment and the wisdom gathered

through infinite births in Samsara.

According to my understanding of Lord Buddha’s teaching everything exist in the form of energy or action

though we identify them as matters. As per general principle of conservation, a proven scientific understanding,

the energy cannot be destroyed, but it could be transferred from one state to another confirming the continuity

of the existence and the impermanence. Out of the twenty eight realities identified under the category

of matters, only four of them are identified as the building blocks of everything that could be contacted visually,

audibly, or physically. Those four are named as Patawi, Apo, Theojo, and Vayo. Lord Buddha named

these realities based on their dominant characteristic. They are referred as “Maha Buthayo” in Buddhist’s

text written in Pali language. In today’s science they may be referring as Higs-Boson particles. Other twenty

four realities of matters are unique qualities attached with Maha Buthayo. The book, Buddha Abhidhamma

by Dr Mehm Tin Mon provides complete explanation of matters according to the Buddhist text (this book

has a brief summary of Abhidhamma pitkaya written in Pali language).

As per Einstein’s theory, light behaves as both particle and wave. This duality is the acceptable theory at

present. Let us consider the model of a wave; for the creation of wave, external energy needs to be applied,

for example consider the forces behind the creation of sea wave. According to Newtons’ second law something

travels in the form of wave required external forces to provide upward and downward fluctuation.

However we could see light traveled from galaxies which are billions light years away without any external

forces. Therefore light cannot be travelled with such a speed and a distance as a wave, as there is no external

force continuously associated with the light rays. Therefore the behavior of light as a wave is not correct,

even though the wave model could correctly explain the observations in macro level. This explanation is

common to all other electro-magnetic waves. Further it is obvious that the light cannot travels as a particle

for billion light years due to the possible loss of energy. If it is possible some objects should grow in size due

the continuous accumulation of light particles.

Lighting of candle, which is only a chemical reaction and the sunlight which is due to the nuclear reaction,

both create by-product of light. Light rays created in both lighting have same speed of light with different

intensity. Therefore the composition and the common characteristics of light, is due to the fundamental properties

of light (properties of realities) rather than the process involved in the creation of light. This is common

for lots of other phenomena such as sonar and satellite transmission etc. Bats use bio-mechanical

process to create sonars for object detection. In military electro-mechanical method is used to create sonar

for detection. The characteristics of sonar are due to the fundamental realities that caused the sonar. One method

uses the electromechanical process while other uses the bio mechanical method. Light, wave, and

Sound etc use the fundamental realities, the quantum qualities.

What is the process behind the light travelling? As explained in the second paragraph all things are impermanent,

realities occur, exist, then diminished and re occur again as a continuous cycle at 590 billion cycles

per second. In the case of light a reality or realities occurs exist and diminished in a straight line allowing to

travel billions of light years until there is no cause for continuation such as when it is obstructed, reflected or

absorbed by another reality. I have no doubt about the Einstein’s understanding of this Buddhist text on realities,

may be, to avoid the religious objection or any other reason, Einstein has identified the light as a wave

pockets having the characteristic of wave and particle.

Lord Buddha has not given much importance in disclosing the matters as they are not that important to realize

the path of deliverance from suffering, to attain supreme bliss, the Nibbana. Lord Buddha in his discourse

explains in detail the consciousness and the mental contaminant which cover 53 realities. The complete path

to deliverance from suffering could be explained with these 53 realities and some basic understanding of

Matters (Rupa -28 realities).

Lord Buddha’s discourse is not aimed for the scientific innovation, it disclose the path of deliverance from

suffering. Lord Buddha realized lot more than what he delivered in the dharma. In one sermon with venerable

monks, Lord Buddha used a simile to articulate the amount of knowledge that he disclosed as a handful

of leaves in his hand, and compared it to the knowledge that he realized as the amount of leaves in the whole

jungle. Destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki has shown us why the Lord Buddha did not disclose the further

deep explanation of matters. Einstein’s findings led to the development of nuclear bombs which would

eventually annihilated the living being on Earth. Einstein with his master mind could unravel this hidden

knowledge in Buddhist text.

I do not have any doubts about Supreme Being, the Lord Buddha, and his infinite understanding of universe.

Lord Buddha’s teachings are well documented in Thirpitakaya, as they were disclosed by Lord Buddha.

Therefore it is not necessary to provide any new definitions and there is no room for anyone to distort it including


The content of this paper related to the quantum particles are actually not an important aspect of Buddhism.

Today in the western world, Buddhist teaching are used in medical practices and personal developments. It

does not mean they are following the Buddhism. If somebody follows the Buddhism he should understand

the suffering. Perhaps more than 99% percent of world population does not even understand the real meaning

of suffering, as the meaning of suffering is entangled with the Samsara. Without understanding the cycle

of origination (the Samsara), it is not possible to understand the truth of suffering.

Buddhism is the way of life, the reality; it is not a philosophy or only a religion. Venerable Monks (Kalyana

Mithra), are important aspect of Buddhism. Existence as a religion will assure its availability for future generation.

I feel very lucky and privilege to be born as a Buddhist. The Buddhist heritage allows me to have

continuous contact with Buddhism and encouraged to live according to the Buddhist principles. I take this

opportunity to appreciate the action of Maha Theras in the past who recite the Dharma , King Dharmashoka

of India who helped to spread the Buddhism worldwide, Mihindu Thera who introduced the Buddhism to Sri

Lanka, King Dutugamunu, who took action to protect the Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Maha Theras who documented

the Thripitikaya (lord Buddha’s discourse), Venerable Monks in the present who follow the Thripitakaya

without making any distortion and make effort to preserve Lord Buddha’s teaching for future and finally,

my parents who did not change their Buddhist heritage for benefits. The action taken by them benefited

me with incomparable wealth of Buddhism, the discourse of Lord Buddha, hence the opportunity to

follow the path to supreme Bliss.

Hidden powers are trying to blur the image of Buddhism. Those who understand the value of Buddhism, it is

their duty to protect the Buddhism for future generation in pure form as discoursed by Lord Buddha.